help in nutrition and art theater

all the instructions for nutrition and art theater will be in the attachments:

for the calculations part in the nutrition, you must follow these:

– percent of carbohydrates:63.94*4/381.08=0.67114517=67%

-percent of sugar:17.82*4/381.08=0.18704=18.70%

-percent of fat:8.95*9/381.08=0.21137=21.137%

-percent of saturated fat:2.21*9/381.08=0.0521=5.219%

-percent of monounsaturated fat:1.40*9/381.08=0.033=3.31%

-percent of polyunsaturated fat:0.94*9/381.08=0.0222=2.22%

-percent of trans fat: 0.03*9/381.08=0.0007085=0.0708%

-percent of protein:11.08*4/381.08=0.1163=11.63%

-protein RDA: 127*2.2=57.7*0.8=46.1818

-actual protein intake compared to my body weight:11.08/57.7=0.192g/kg

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