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Let me know if you do not understand.

Prepare a debate arguing the application of each theory in describing individual personality characteristics and interpersonal relations.  Focus on “application”.  Debating means showing all sides of your point.  Use 1500 to 2000 words as your “guide” for the debate.

 Submit a transcript of the debate and a reference page, with two to three sources, to your facilitator.

Our scenario:

Employee #1 – extrovert

Employee #2 – introvert

Employee #3 – gossip

#3 provides gossip to #1 about #2. She also provides gossip to #2 about #1. This creates an uncomfortable and sometimes hostile work environment. 

Is this workable for everyone?  

If everyone agrees to this scenario, we then need to decide on two theoriesconcepts of Jung and Adler to debate.

My Part

Employee #2 Develop a question and answer debate that explains the introvert concept in regards to the workplace problem we agreed on? 350 word count.

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