help with question 180

double-spaced, one-page report, will discuss the insights gained

focus on describing the insights I gained during the presentation and how this newly acquired knowledge may affect my future career.

Last class we had a speaker his name Jeff Wacksman

His business is Mobile Physician Services – A Medical House Call Practice. Serving 23+ counties in Florida, and the Dayton, Ohio area.

It is one of the only house call practices in the United States that has both primary care and specialist providers on staff.

  • Jeff Wacksman started his multimillion – dollar for dorm room
  • He has no degree in Medical feild . This thing did not prevent him from succeeding
  • He said that “ doesn’t mean you are good at something, you can do business about it
  • He learns that in the medical field patient matter, and that comes from the barriers he had when trying to start or run something, especially from wait until getting permission and the green light .
  • he discussed the importance of hiring and surrounding yourself by the right people.


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