Details of assignment for Research Enquiry NS458


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The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to actively participate in clinical practice in a field related to your branch of nursing by doing a literature study. You must specifically: • identify a patient or client nursing issue; • develop an answerable research question in relation to the chosen issue; • outline your search strategy; • search the relevant literature; • critically analyze the literature; • summarize the literature through a discussion; and • make practice recommendations.

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It is being investigated by an ongoing evaluation. The task consists of two parts:
Assessed using Part B: Part A
Part B of the assignment requires completion of this section, which contributes to the module’s overall grade.
1. Identify a nursing concern for a patient or client that is unique to your designated field of practice.
2. Identify a clinical or practice question relevant to the problem facing those patients or clients.

In order to achieve the aforementioned learning objectives, this section will be formatted as a brief essay. It should give a brief background on your choice to investigate this subject as well as an introduction to your practice issue. It should include a clear and succinct summary of your study question. To guarantee that Part B can be implemented, this part needs to be backed by the pertinent literature. You must provide sufficient literature to support your search approach.

Since this is an academic essay, it should follow the proper grammatical and formatting conventions.

• 400 words (plus or minus 10%)
• Kindly adhere to the format of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
• In accordance with the criteria for assignment submission, assignments must be typed in Times Roman Numeral/Arial font size 12 and double spaced.
• Kindly submit the essay using Loop online.
• Before submitting Part B of the Continuous Assessment for this module, each student will receive online comments on their submission. For this portion of the assessment, discipline-specific comments will be requested; nevertheless, the module coordinator will grade the assessment.

Please take note that failing to complete this portion will prevent you from submitting Part B of the Continuous Assessment.
Part B
Part A of the exam, which introduced your chosen problem and research question, will logically lead into this portion. As a result, you should use Part A as your introduction and backdrop when submitting Part B in its final form. The remainder of the assignment should use the structure listed below:

1 techniques
This part has to explain your search technique and where you found the key articles. It should explain why you chose the appraisal tool you did and how this material was challenged.
2. Themes/Outcomes
The primary themes and findings from the literature—no more than two or three—should be included in this section. Discussing the issues in a logical order and pointing out any parallels or discrepancies in the literature is important.
3. Discussion This section should offer an analysis of your themes and findings. It is crucial that you incorporate every component of your results section and refrain from adding any fresh details to the debate. This section reviews the relevant research, examines it, and offers practice-impacting recommendations related to the topic you chose in Part A.

Keep in mind that you should have your nursing problem or research question at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the project. You should also highlight how the pertinent research is helping you better grasp the practice issue.

Finally, it is crucial to show off your abilities in critical evaluation, analysis, and synthesis throughout the assignment’s writing (see marking matrix).

Where necessary, the assignment should have an appendix and a section for references. For information on DCU’s referencing and citing standards as well as your duty with regard to plagiarism, please consult the student handbook. As mentioned above, Part B should be formatted in Times Roman Numeral/Arial font size 12 and double spaced in accordance with the instructions for submitting assignments.
• In week 12, a final submission must be uploaded via Loop.
• Please turn in one hard copy of your final assignment to the nursing reception desk in accordance with the instructions.
• 2,100 words (plus or minus 10%).
• Please remember to number the pages and write your name and student number on each page.


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