Hi.. I am looking at a few of the answers.. and the rounding to decimal places r

Hi.. I am looking at a few of the answers.. and the rounding to decimal places results in incorrect answers. I sent you the examples, where you can see each step of the way where decimals are rounded, etc.if you take any question, and compare the step by step process, you will see that the spreadsheet will NOT give the right answer. if it says round to 2 decimals, etc, the answer has to be EXACT, or no credit is allowed.for instance, if the correct answer, by rounding decimals properly as the question states, is 22.23, and we answer 22.24, we get ZERO credit. This is why I provided the exact step by step examples… “I have calculated the solution using excel for my reference (not attached). Excel answer and calculator answer might have +/- few decimal variations sometimes. So you have a look on it.”I went to great trouble to give you the examples so you can follow exactly… i am reviewing these again, but 50% wrong (if that holds true) is terrible. and now I am up all night calculating them by hand because I cannot submit a final that may receive a 50% grade…I am not too happy right now…. why didn’t you use the exact examples?? they show you EXACTLY how to arrive at teh correct answer… I can not submit this today with the possibility of failing grade. So I will not submit until tomorrow. I will lose one letter grade (which is terrible), but I can not risk a failing grade on my final… Can you go back thru the questions that require calculations and make changes necessary to get the correct answer? ?/

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