Hi, I need help with essay on 20 paragraphs relating to the Rio Grande Valley. P

Hi, I need help with essay on 20 paragraphs relating to the Rio Grande Valley. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
This paper is going to focus on some of the natural physical features in the region of Rio Grande.
The earth space pictures of Rio Grande shows that there exists only one major basin in the region. This is the Piceance Basin. This basin exists in the northwestern parts of Colorado. The Piceance Basin is a geologic formation. Its formation dates back from Cambrian to Holocene periods.
It is important to note that the basins in the Rio Grande have large reserves of coal and natural gas. In addition, the basins contain oil shale reserves (Phillips et al, 73). This is very critical in the economy of the region. The extraction of such natural resources is important in industrial development as well as strengthening of the economy. This is because these natural resources are good sources of energy needed in many sectors of development in the region.
Forests are some of the natural features found in the earth space pictures of Rio Grande. The picture shows that there is only one large forest in Rio Grande. The forests in Rio Grande is very crucial in modifying the ecosystem of the region. The Rio Grande National Forest is important in maintaining high diversity of species in the region.
The pictures of earth space science show that several flats are found within the Rio Grande. The flats are natural phenomena that have certain roles in the region. In Rio Grande, there are a total of twenty four flats. Some of these flats include Dry Lake Flats, Big Park Flats as well as Corral Park Flats among others (Phillips et al, 78). Some of these Flats are found within areas suitable for hiking, bird watching as well as other activities.
The earth space pictures shows that several lakes are found in the Rio Grande region. These lakes are important sites for several economic activities. They provide water necessary for irrigation purposes. In addition, the lakes are

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