Hi, I need help with essay on About ways to reduce the impact of a particular li

Hi, I need help with essay on About ways to reduce the impact of a particular lifestyle behavior. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The “Inconvenient Truth” that Al Gore presented establishes a significant response from the public, even in some government institutions around the world. The report of Gore presented a remarkable issue that tries to link the significant contribution of mankind to the destruction of the environment. Gore presented the point that the contribution of the human activities to the pollution in the environment is staggering as a result of economic activities and other personal activities prior to the preservation of life and establishing the advancing economy. In the case of cars on the road, many business establishments cannot simply move in their economic activities or business activities if they will not use cars, as a basic requirement in the advancing level of industrialization in the 20th Century. This leads fossil fuels to become the highlight or issue in the prevailing environmental pollution. However, the point that fuel or oil to be considered as the lifeblood of the economy in the 20th Century cannot just be simply eradicated. Every individual or business establishment might have a substantial requirement for fuel. If it is not for personal gain, it must be for the achievement of certain economic objectives. Unfortunately, this has become the remarkable trend around the world today.
Every day there are various vehicles on the road that are on the go in contributing to a certain level of greenhouse gases emission. Eradicating them might not be the ultimate feasible solution as for now, but trying to minimize those running on the road will be a significant contribution to the reduction of harmful gases emission like carbon dioxide. For this reason, taking the carpool or subway is viewed to be a significant contribution in alleviating the degree of air pollution in the environment.
Studies found that cars, especially around 10 percent of the older ones alone are significantly contributing around 50 percent of air

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