Hi, I need help with essay on Answer the questions. Paper must be at least 1000

Hi, I need help with essay on Answer the questions. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
In other words, the term ‘paradigm shift’ is used to show a considerable change in a basic model or perception.
Nanomachines are still an emerging field of technology. Governments and large corporations are spending huge sums on research and development in the field of nanorobots. The first stream of research is nanomedicine that aims to utilize nanobots for cellular level operations. An example is the work by the Harvard and MIT researchers who attached chemotherapy drug to nano-particles which are able to identify cancer cells and release the drug into them.
Another area is the use of robot organisms for space and planet exploration and colonization. For this purpose, Symbrion and Replicator projects are going on under the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union.
Also, efforts are undertaken to incorporate distributive intelligence, programming and control. The success of this research will lead to the development of nano-swarms which are capable of computing and collaborating intelligently.
In the field of molecular computing, researches are taking place in two directions. The first direction is using DNA computers to analyze the human genome with the intention to get accurate data that can be utilized for medical diagnosis. The second direction is the application of evolutionary computation to molecular evolution. An example is the application of the genetic algorithm to molecular evolution.
Mills’ utilitarianism is based on the ‘greatest happiness principle’. According to him, one should select such an action that offers the greatest degree of happiness to the greatest number of stakeholders.
The first argument against Doomsday Argument is the posteriori observation that claims that the chances for the extinction of a dominant species like humans are less than once in a million years. Another argument is that the people of a heavily populated future are not yet alive. So, it is not

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