Hi, I need help with essay on APA PERSONAL INDIVIDUALFAMILY CRISIS. Paper must b

Hi, I need help with essay on APA PERSONAL INDIVIDUALFAMILY CRISIS. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
My family members consider it their sacred duty to protect me from all ends. As Meyer D. Glantz et al. (1999) rightly points out, “Protective factors against drug include characteristics such as strong family sanctions against drugs, religious identification, school success etc.”(103)Another important factor in the process of my counseling is resilience.
He further states, “In order to contribute to the understanding of drug use, resilience has to be defined differently from risk and protective factors. Resilience, therefore, is defined here as the ability to tolerate, to adapt to, or to overcome life crisis.”(103)
Students visiting drug joints has assumed serious proportions in educational institutions. Even my closest associate, my sister, doesn’t know certain things about me. Some of the bothersome issues are I have borrowed money from my friends. I have sold my gold bracelet to foot the drug bill. Drug addicts are difficult to deal with. Addicts feel worse about themselves as a result of their current actions, so they do it again to forget about it. Nothing else matters for them. I realize all these observations are true. I have been treading the same path but thank God, the Principal, Dad and Mom save me well in time
“A new student took admission for the III year course. Our friendship was instant and he introduced me to smoking. Soon, he philosophized that only smoking won’t make a man perfect. Something more exciting is needed for a real kick! He told me about many types of drugs .He had samples in his pockets! After the college hours, one day he took me to his hostel room. I took a dose of drug and enjoyed the sensational feelings. Then my friend insisted that I must supplement it with drinking to carve out a complete personality of me. Soon I realized that I was on a perilous journey. He took money from me to bring the drug consignments…..thus Dad and Mom, I was ruined.”

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