Hi, I need help with essay on Burberry clothing company UK. Paper must be at lea

Hi, I need help with essay on Burberry clothing company UK. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Valuation is the main part of investment. The considerable part that creates information that states a proper valuation in the financial statement. In the new Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation done by Stephen Penman it shows that students understand how to extract new information in this financial statement by using the data that was obtained and value the firms. By handling the accounting in financial statements and using the financial statements the lenses view the business and assess the value in generating new financial statements (Paul 114).
Burberry group plc is the Company that is the main Company in the Burberry Group. The stock exchange has the principal business used in the larger part of these investments. Burberry Group plc and the additions as a Group is the large-scale comfort goods manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. The Group that is also licensed that other parties manufacture and issue all the products using the Burberry trade marks as the local brand. All the other companies consist of the Groups that mainly control the Company both directly and indirectly (Karen 98).
Most of these financial statements were prepared using the ongoing anxiety on the basis of the historical costs and convention that the exception is about the financial instruments that involve good financial statements that is fair and valuable in accordance to the applicable to this accounts (Paul107).
The Annual Report and Accounts should take the whole path as required and become a fairly balanced and comprehensive statement that provides all the information that is necessary for the shareholders in assessing the performance of the groups. Therefore, business model and strategy used by the Board is satisfied and had met the obligation that summarizes the responsibilities of directors in the annual financial statements that is set out to provide the report of the auditors and the statements used by the auditors about their reported

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