Hi, I need help with essay on Catholic School Acccreditation responses. Paper mu

Hi, I need help with essay on Catholic School Acccreditation responses. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Students are assigned projects and reports, and given exams. To measure the effectiveness of student achievement of the SLEs and curriculum standards, all students present a Graduate Culminating Precis. This report summarizes how they have achieved each SLE. The school further ensures that each student is making acceptable progress toward the achievement of SLEs and curriculum standards. Every once a semester, teachers complete an evaluation. This is done based on a common rubric and using a form that lists SLEs and descriptors for each of them. Students are also given the opportunity to evaluate themselves (St. Joachim School, 30).
Technology has further been integrated into the learning process. All classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards to enhance the process of leaning. Classes also have regular access to the computer lab. There is also the availability of the Zingy Learning program which is an online science program used by the school’s science department. Furthermore, the school has an account with the Madera County Office of Education which gives teachers access to various online teaching resources.
To determine how effectively students are making acceptable progress, teachers assess students through a variety of methods. These include. oral questioning, class discussions, exams, reports and projects. To implement plans to assist students, discussions are held during faculty meetings. Implementation is based upon making adjustments to the curriculum. Other strategies include making accommodations such as changing student’s seat, tutoring and modifying assignments and testing. Annually, teachers evaluate the results of the IOWA.
On a regular basis, the school assesses programs used to support disaggregate groups and ensure acceptable progress for all students. Each year brings a different culture with strengths and areas of growth. To accommodate these changing trends, an evaluation

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