Hi, I need help with essay on Critical Evaluation of Supply Chain Design at Kraf

Hi, I need help with essay on Critical Evaluation of Supply Chain Design at Kraft Foods. Paper must be at least 4250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Kraft Foods basically produces various delicious foods according to the demand and the mood of the consumers and the company also promises a superior quality of the produced food. Kraft Foods has recently took over Cadbury and the company has an objective to spread its businesses all over the world. Kraft Foods is one of the most well known company which deals in branded beverages and foods. It is the largest food manufacturing organisation in the United States, and the second largest organisation in the world within the food manufacturing industry (Kraft Foods, 2011). In the study the major objective would be to highlight and to critically evaluate the various operational functions of Kraft Foods, and their importance in accruing a better competitive advantage. The study also involves the Enterprise Information System (EIS) and its critical evaluation to analyse the knowledge management system of the company. The paper would also include recommendations to support the argument along with conclusion (Kraft Foods, 2011). Kraft Foods ensures a good and effective operational segment within the organisation. The company has focused on the quality, the design, and the effectiveness of the products produced by the organisation. Alike every other company, Kraft Foods also has certain operational functions, which help the company to gain a growth in the market as well as help to achieve a competitive advantage. The company needs to initiate measures to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the existing information system.

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