Hi, I need help with essay on Critically explore the strategic role of the HR te

Hi, I need help with essay on Critically explore the strategic role of the HR team in helping / supporting the line manager establish an effective working environment. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
It is important to note that when the functions of the human resources are devolved to the lines, the traditional functions of HR do not cease to exist (Susan & Mick, 2003, p. 221).
Wilson (2005, p. 510) notes that strategic human resource achieves the goals of an organization through people management, integration of the company human resource strategies and the eventual policies that will be developed. The implication of this is that the line managers tend to understand organizations better given that they work at the foundation levels with the employees. They are therefore more likely to understand the goals of the organization better at that level (Banfield & Kay, 2012). For instance, to create better employee relations, involvement of the line managers is required given their close contact with these employees. They would subsequently operate at the higher vertical levels with the HR team and spread the influence over to this level. Therefore, line managers at this level help to make translation of strategic policies into actual practice.
On the other hand, the line managers are not full HR professionals and lack of these HR skills make it relatively tough for implementation of the strategies to take place (Daniel, 2007). The implication of this is that the HR needs not only to understand the importance of the line managers but also understand that these are limited by lack of full HR knowledge and skills to effectively implement the strategies. Simple tasks such as managing time and place in employees for the line managers can be done very effectively (David & Christopher, 2012). The HR team does not therefore need to come over to such roles since they have greater roles of implementing the strategies of organizations. Moreover, if the employees are to learn a given skill, then they are most likely going to depend on the input of the line managers as the HR team may not be sufficiently equipped in numbers to

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