Hi, I need help with essay on Cross Cultural Relations. Paper must be at least 1

Hi, I need help with essay on Cross Cultural Relations. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Since the beginning of the humankind history, there were many groups of people or individuals that moved to foreign countries for multiple purposes – for work, getting education, teaching someone, to entertain or just to change the place of residence. Diaries of the most famous travelers, such as Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo are full of descriptions devoted to what the scientists now call “culture contact”. (Ho
With rapid scientific and technological progress, advanced means of communication and transport, more and more people travel abroad, and the range of purposes they tend to achieve, enlarged as well. Many people now travel to share organizational and business experience, study abroad to come back home, many people travel just to see and study cultural background of other countries, some of them come to other countries with peace missions. Unfortunately, political and economical conditions in many countries of the world make many people move abroad as immigrants or refugees. But, regardless of the travel purposes, the notions of cultural contact and cultural shock are relevant for all categories of travelers. (Hoerder)
Before examining this phenomenon it’s necessary to give a strict definition of it. At first, it’s necessary to mention that there are some titles to define this phenomenon: “cross cultural relations”, “between society culture-contact”, “cross-cultural interaction” etc. Here is the definition of this phenomenon provided by Bochner: “between society culture-contact refers to individuals who travel beyond their countries of origin for a particular purpose and for a specified period of time, and the relationships they establish with members of the host society”. (1986, p.23) There are also some necessary terms used to describe these relations, for instance “sojourner”. This term is used to refer to “culture travellers, indicating that they are temporary visitors intending to return home after

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