Hi, I need help with essay on Direct and digital marketing. Paper must be at lea

Hi, I need help with essay on Direct and digital marketing. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
st 10 years, usage of this technique has increased and the cause of this increase is. lower capabilities of mass marketing in targeting and segmentation of relevant audience as compared to direct marketing and technological advancement (Nash, Sabin, & Kornbluth, 2000).Direct marketing is about reaching directly to existing and potential customers. Direct marketers do marketing of their products by making phone calls and by sending e-mail messages. Direct marketing is always about using aggressive tactics. Direct marketers’ objective is to contact, place, offer, and make incentive-based information available to target markets (Chiang, Chhajed, &Hess, 2003). It is different from other marketing methods because direct marketers target selected individuals for sending information related to product and its new offerings and these people will be the respondents. Responses can be an inquiry, purchase, or referrals (Keilhacker, 2000).Dell Computers, Readers Digest, Amazon, Credit, and Charge Card Companies and Time-Life Books are examples of direct marketing (Bird, 2007).
Technological advancement is not a new chapter and is known by every organization and marketers. With the change of time and technology, marketing activities has also been changed. Technological advancement has a great impact on marketing activities. Direct marketing has become digital marketing, and people are much aware of their required products’ availability than ever. Everybody has access to the internet through personal computers, mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Customers can access their required information from anywhere in office, home, either outside of the country or even in far more villages. Direct marketers have an immediate response from their customers due to technological advancement. Credit and card charge companies are examples of advanced direct marketing. for example, when people make a purchase through cards their transactions are completed through the mail and the relation

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