Hi, I need help with essay on Examine how the development of the religion in Can

Hi, I need help with essay on Examine how the development of the religion in Canada was benefited from the Act of Multiculturalism. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
(Ember et al, 2005 p 445)
Hinduism as a form of religion is comprised of the history of the Indians and thus there is no any belief or practice of the Indians that can be rejected or negated. The Hindu subscribe to the idea no old ideas or practices can be eliminated or transcended .The old ideas are practiced together with the more recent ones. Among the Hindu, divinity is respected and worshipped in its manifestation without any prejudice. The act of doctrine tolerance is ranked high among the Hindu when compared to other major religion. Therefore, a Hindu may worship non-Hindu gods and still remain a Hindu. The dispute between the Hindus who are monotheism and those that are polytheism do not divide the worshippers because they are seen as not being important in Hinduism. (Ember et al, 2005 p 445)
Hinduism unlike other main historical religions, its emergency is not attributed to specific founder or a specific year of origin. Hindus usually trace their traditions back to the Veda which is a spiritual revelation that has no specific year of beginning and which governs everything that was spoken by seers at the beginning of the cycle of the universe. The Hindu for centuries never attempted to define the essentials of Hinduism not until they were challenged by Buddhists, Muslims or Christians.
Traditional Hinduism sees no difference between the secular and the sacred, no significant variations between culture and religion and the separations of religious rituals from the normal daily activities. The Hindu also, lacks a common creed which must be believed in. Initially, subscription to Hinduism was limited to Hindu people who had been born within the Hindu family and the religion ideologies stated one could not cease to be a Hindu especially if one was born a Hindu. This initially held principle has only changed of recently .Membership to Hinduism

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