Hi, I need help with essay on Feeling after concert. Paper must be at least 500

Hi, I need help with essay on Feeling after concert. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Well, the artists made a perfect blend of features of each continent with a rich European music. It embodies a new way of cultural collaboration.
At the concert, I had so much fun. I literally sang my heart out to my favorite playlists. I sang every word, danced my heart out and let everything loose as the World Percussion Ensemble performed their songs almost to perfection. In fact, I arrived at the concert hall at 7 pm, just to ensure I did not miss their first song. It would have been disappointing had I arrived late. Luckily, the concert began ten minutes after eight. What a relief! Nonetheless, it is unimaginable how fans would go wild as they screamed to their favorite tunes. Well, at first it may seem scary. However, the fun in the concert theatre drowned the screams. It is indeed memorable to witness how so many people could gather for music.
When the artists kicked off the revelers were already on their feet. The theatre hall was pumped and one could literally feel the excitement of the audience. Besides, the fans were singing along too! I must have lost the number of counts the lead vocalist Njamy Sitson, let the fans finish a line. It seemed like giving the crowd an opportunity to savor their favorite songs. It was fascinating when Walter Lang, the composer, asked everyone to put their phones away and to just live in the moment. Besides, that night had been all that we had. Every performance was a goose-bump. At one point, Marco Lobo, the Brazilian magician in percussion removed his shoes to the thrill of the audience.
Currently, I am in a state of a hangover—seven days after the concert. At the end of the show they promised they would be coming back soon to Columbia after a number of tours across the world. Although the band is made of people from diverse cultures, they confessed that they received much support from the audience than other places they have performed before. I was more thrilled and

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