Hi, I need help with essay on For Graphic Novels. Paper must be at least 500 wor

Hi, I need help with essay on For Graphic Novels. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
phic novels in the U.S has had an&nbsp.immense&nbsp.contribution to&nbsp.primary&nbsp.education (Schwartz 221).&nbsp.This has, however, led to some people concluding that it is the&nbsp.reason&nbsp.for eroding the reading culture within the states.&nbsp.People&nbsp.need&nbsp.to change this&nbsp.perception&nbsp.so as to ensure the&nbsp.continuous&nbsp.use of&nbsp.satirical&nbsp.graphic novels in education. The need to&nbsp.investigate&nbsp.the contribution of&nbsp.satirical&nbsp.graphic novels contribution to education is&nbsp.dire&nbsp.for&nbsp.educational&nbsp.quality.
Satirical graphic novels&nbsp.combine&nbsp.the aspects of explanations of&nbsp.text&nbsp.novels and pictures. Their wide&nbsp.application&nbsp.is to&nbsp.enhance&nbsp.the understanding of information by those who dislike reading and those that are slow in understanding. These novels are also&nbsp.beneficial&nbsp.in educating the community about key issues.
This study will&nbsp.bring&nbsp.into light the various contributions of the&nbsp.satirical&nbsp.graphic novels in primary education today. It will&nbsp.discuss&nbsp.the manners in which the&nbsp.use&nbsp.of&nbsp.satirical&nbsp.graphic novels enhances the quality of&nbsp.primary&nbsp.education in the U.S. It will also discuss the various challenges it posses in comparison to its contributions, with the&nbsp.intent&nbsp.of proving the&nbsp.overwhelming&nbsp.significance&nbsp.of its input.
Satirical graphic novels&nbsp.contain&nbsp.a&nbsp.combination&nbsp.of pictures and words, a fact that makes them appealing to&nbsp.read. This way, they&nbsp.create&nbsp.a desire in someone to&nbsp.read&nbsp.some of the most&nbsp.uninteresting&nbsp.subjects. This ensures that information&nbsp.duly&nbsp.passes on across even where it was once&nbsp.difficult.
Again, satirical graphic novels&nbsp.enhance&nbsp.the capacity to understand a text. As such, it is simpler for a person to&nbsp.understand&nbsp.a&nbsp.text&nbsp.that has graphical illustrations than just plain, ordinary texts. This enhances and fastens the&nbsp.capacity&nbsp.rate&nbsp.of education (Katherine 57).
It is of considerable judgment of some researchers that the use of&nbsp.satirical&nbsp.graphic novels in education is killing the reading culture in the U.S. They argue that such

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