Hi, I need help with essay on HRM450-0704B-02 Organizational Change. Paper must

Hi, I need help with essay on HRM450-0704B-02 Organizational Change. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The impact of demographic diversities in a group means that more efforts are needed to be put in place so that each of the group members knows what his or her duty is and whether this person is communicated about the roles that are asked of him or her, both in the short term as well as the long run. (Sanna & Parks,
1999) Moreover, demographic changes mean that the leader has to focus more on a particular set of people or at times, the ones who are not very easy going along with the whole group. Hard work and commitment thus form the key in this whole equation of getting the best out of even the ordinary of people in the group.
Leadership qualities are not inborn or inherent, they have to be developed with the passage of time and one needs to comprehend the fact that it requires strenuous exercise and a certain set of power that is needed by the man of courage, determination and dedication. Leadership qualities require that the leader gets the best out of the group members no matter how hard and trying the circumstances are. (Fink, 2002) The odds might be tough at times but it is the leader’s tact and sheer discipline that can turn the tides in the favor of the group rather than the other side. However the role of a team leader cannot be denied its due place in the related context of things nonetheless. Similarly interpersonal skills like motivating the team members, following ethical guidelines, adhering to rules and procedures are just the right tonic for building a bridge between the various team members.
Thus it is also pertinent that the top management inculcates the subject of working in team rather than being loner in different projects so that the end result is a clear manifestation of the people with their respective whole hearted efforts and dedication levels exceeding what was expected of them in the first place. Teams create a sense of bonding between the employees and the top management thus the latter needs to understand

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