Hi, I need help with essay on Human Eukaryotic Pathogenic Disease: Dracunculiasi

Hi, I need help with essay on Human Eukaryotic Pathogenic Disease: Dracunculiasis. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Additionally, the condition has a vast negative impact in the society as it often leads to temporary disability. Infection usually occurs though taking of drinking water from the ponds. On the other hand, the condition has attracted a global attention aimed at controlling its spread. Consequently, there has been progress in controlling the spread of the disease.
The causative agent for the infection Drancunculus medinensis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1). The other name for the condition is the Guinea worm disease (GWD). The parasite depends on human and other forms of animals for survival. The most common form of the spread of the parasite is through drinking water that contains Guinea worm larvae (CDC 1). The larvae are usually the immature entity of the parasite. In addition, the infection is usually widespread in deprived section of the society especially in Africa and Asia as they lack access to safe water for use (CDC 1). The disease usually lacks the necessary attention given to other forms of condition by the global health officials. However, there is high hope that the parasite will be eradicated in future. In fact, most of the international institutions are in the limelight in helping countries still with GWD cases to eradicate the disease (CDC 1). Recently, only few countries have reported about local GWD cases. Consequently, the population under the infection has reduced significantly over the last two decades. For example, it is reported that cases have reduced from over three million per year in 1986 to less than a thousand in 2012 (CDC 1).
The disease has had a long history in the human society. In fact, the disease was documented as early as the 15th century BC in Egypt (Heiser and Smith 1). The argument has been supported through recent excavation in the country that has shown the calcified worm identified as Dracunculus medinesis (Heiser and Smith 1). There has also been other

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