Hi, I need help with essay on If Zeus asked you to create a state (country), how

Hi, I need help with essay on If Zeus asked you to create a state (country), how would go about doing. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
A country with a strong political system is bound to prosper economically and benefit its citizens. Therefore, given this opportunity, I would set a political system based on democracy. In as much as democracy has its own shortcomings, the citizens are given the mandate to elect their leaders, this empowers them to elect the leaders they have faith in and those they want (Allis). Additionally, they are given the power to remove them from ruling incase they fail to satisfy the demands of the majority. Allis says that these elected leaders should be well educated, honest and ethical. In this way, they will not be involved in stealing from the public funds through corrupt deals. The proletariat should also be well educated to ensure the result of their work is beneficial to the country.
The government should promote equal opportunity and the freedom of speech. The press should be allowed to air news without censure to enable them expose to the public domain dirty corrupt deals. On the other hand, the king or president should form a government consisting of talented and educated advisors who promote and advocate for entrepreneurship or free enterprise. This kind of government will provide a sense of security and stability leading to a considerable direct foreign investment and increased GDP characterized by low unemployment rates and low inflation (Allis).
Religious matters should be handled with care. Cline asserts that without God, there can never be an absolute morality standard. In a religious state, there is no confusion in running the affairs of the state, devaluation of human life or even suppression of the human rights. Therefore, it is beyond any doubt that the country I would create. must have a strong religious backing to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and the country is on the fast track towards prosperity. The religious views of all the varied denominations should be respected. In this way, there will be a harmonious co-existence

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