Hi, I need help with essay on In 2007, a change of canadian market by the influe

Hi, I need help with essay on In 2007, a change of canadian market by the influence of global warning. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Millions of acres of Canadian land are turning red due to the rapid warming. A beetle is playing havoc with the forests and it is suggested that this beetle needs to be swept across the Northern Mountains so that it could be killed by the severe cold weather of the place. Other officials in certain areas of Alberta are doing their best to set the forest on fire so that somehow or the other this beetle could be killed once and for all.
Global warming has also threatened the fisheries segment within the Canadian society and for doing the things right it is pertinent to understand that Canadian oceans need to grant permission to the restricted number of boats on the fishing grounds and everyone must not be allowed to boat for the sake of catching fish. With this issue, salmon are starting to appear in those areas where they did not use to be in the first place. Furthermore, they have disappeared from the places they used to be.
The climate change can have lasting effects on the industries that are existent within Canada whereby the productivity levels could hit an all time low. Furthermore, there would be the problems in the line of the basic living conditions and not to forget the amenities which would not be easily accessible and indeed made available. The change brought by the global warming would indeed have a bad taste in the mouth as far as the Canadian trade and relevant markets are concerned. There would be issues like high oil prices and the like in the coming eras. With that one can easily expect the cost of living to increase to alarming levels and not only that but also the spending would increase as would be the case with the inflation levels which would hit the doldrums.
Global warming is something that can have lasting impressions on the whole of the Canadian society if not only a select segment within it. Canada needs to respond to the threat of global warming in a head

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