Hi, I need help with essay on Information system project management. Paper must

Hi, I need help with essay on Information system project management. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
After a long time of learning and implementing various project management methodologies, controls together with measurements, the success level of IT projects has been deemed not to be any better than the old moments when one computer could take up a whole room.
In order for IT to contribute to the bottom line of every company, the executive teams have to make sure that the project remains aligned to business strategy. In case of multiple projects constituting large scale programs, there would be need to embrace flexibility with greater focus on the larger business picture.
In software projects, it is possible to witness scenes such as members failing to complete whatever is expected of them and other members failing to be flexible. This has the potential of making things to fall out of hand. Another scene would be a person valued for his or her expert input failing to see the wider perspective, thereby missing out steps and tasks that other people would expect or a team member becoming frustrated because he disagrees with the approach that another team member uses.
Dr Meredith Belbin studied team-work for several years and he made the observation that individuals inside teams have the tendency to assume varied roles. His definition of team roles is “He defined a team role as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way” and named nine of such team roles that determine the success level of a team.
Teams risk becoming unbalanced in the event that all team members bear a lot of similarity in behavior. In case the team members have same weaknesses, the entire team might end up being weak. Supposing the team members have a similar level of strength, the spirit of competition is likely to arise and this will suppress cooperation in execution of the team-assigned tasks and responsibilities.
Bearing this in mind, you could use the model with your team so as to help in making sure that the important team

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