Hi, I need help with essay on International Asia Pacific Business. Paper must be

Hi, I need help with essay on International Asia Pacific Business. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
hile formulating the strategies, the organizations’ leader and the management team will firstly look at the factors that may aid them to make a successful entry. After analyzing the positive factors, the firms will or should have to analyze the challenges that may impede its entry. As every foreign market or country will have different political,
social, economic conditions as well as different customers, competitors, prospective employees, etc, etc, there will be many challenges, which will block the firms’ success. Also, there will be country specific challenges as well as industry specific challenges in those foreign markets. For example, the Asian country of China has some distinct aspects, which will surely act as a challenge for the new firms, who are planning to enter it. Likewise, the retail industry in China also has some inbuilt challenges, which may impede the foreign invested retail firms, who may plan to make an entry into China. So, this paper will analyse and asses the challenges faced by Foreign invested Retail firms in China.
In the earlier decades, the cheap Chinese products only entered various countries’ markets. But, now seeing the potential of the Chinese economy and the market many foreign firms or foreign invested firms have entered or entering the Chinese markets. The other thing, which is enticing the foreign firms including the retail firms, is the huge population, which translates into the biggest market of the world. “Most of the world’s major global retail firms are desperate to grab a slice of the world’s largest and most rapidly growing emerging market” (Gamble, 2006). Apart from these two important aspects (high economic growth and huge market), the main thing that allows the foreign firms to enter China including its retail sector is the relaxation of many restrictions imposed by the Chinese Government. China being a Communist country functioned behind an “Iron Curtain”, restricting the foreign firms to protect

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