Hi, I need help with essay on International Relations in the world. Paper must b

Hi, I need help with essay on International Relations in the world. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Download file to see previous pages… The United Kingdom naturally enjoys several benefits out of this approach of coalition with the US and Europe simultaneously, while promoting the transatlantic cooperation. However, meeting the costs of the special relationship as well as balancing the coalition with the US and Europe has not been easy for the British government. The stance of providing unprecedented support to the US actions and policies has led to the growth of scepticism in the European Union as well as among the British public and party members. This paper elaborates the US-UK special relationship in the context of enhancing collaboration between the US and Europe. It then examines the cost and benefits associated with this stance of British government.
The post cold war period signifies a new geopolitical scenario encompassing the Western world. There have been conflicts, as well as concordance on world issues affecting the state of relations shared by nations. The United Kingdom, not only geographically but also politically, finds itself intimately connected with the European world and the historical ‘special relationship’ with the United States driven by the nations’ commonly shared interests and objectives. This transatlantic relationship not only affects the British foreign policy but also influences the dimensions of relationship between the United States and the European Union. The British government, in effect, regards itself as playing a bridging role between the United States and the Europe.
This relationship, according to Wallace (2005, p55), “conjures up an image of British ministers and diplomats explaining European international politics to American leaders, and interpreting American foreign policy to European governments”. The British prime ministers historically have been playing eminent role in bringing European countries closer to the United States. It also happens to be an important aspect of Britain’s foreign policy for the current Prime Minister Tony Blair, to balance the British relationship with the United States and the European countries as well as to promote cooperation between the US and Europe. Hence, the government undertakes rigorous efforts as a part of its foreign policy to enhance this multilateral collaboration.
The historic relationship between the US and UK was further bolstered up by the 9/11 event and the United States’ subsequent war on terror, whereupon Britain provided full military and political support to the American stance to wage war on Afghanistan and then Iraq. Dumbrell (2006, pp. 456-457) asserts that Tony Blair has succeeded in developing a “special relationship” with the United States channelled through its support for the war on terror. hence projecting it as the greatest US ally.
The Britain’s stance for bridging relationship between the US and the Europe certainly implies increasing collaboration between these countries and communicating the need to enhance multilateral cooperation leading to the achievement of their national interests.
Benefit And Costs Of The Approach
The approach of playing a ‘bridging role’ between the US and Europe relations procures significant geopolitical gains to the United Kingdom. Britain aspires to maintain its influence over the international politics and policies, but lacks resources to accomplish this objective.

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