Hi, I need help with essay on Interview a parent of a child with autism. Paper m

Hi, I need help with essay on Interview a parent of a child with autism. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Based on their experience on raising Samantha, the child was already speak some words when she turned one year old. With Josh, he was unable to speak and he seemed isolated and unresponsive to normal gestures, like waving or clapping. In addition, Mrs. A remembered Josh to be interested in some others things and does not seem to be looking into their eyes. Otherwise, he was a normal child in physical features (in weight and height, and use of functioning abilities).
Likewise, when he started manifesting some speaking skills, it was evident that it was already in a delayed stage: at around three years old. Josh started mimicking what Mrs. A was saying. His first words were ‘hello Josh’ and ‘mommy’s here’. In addition, Josh seemed to exhibit uncanny interests and skills in parts of his toy, particularly those that entail building and putting parts of figure robots together. Eventually, when he regained more communication skills, Mrs. A relayed that he seemed to be pre-occupied with talking about the video game that he
Mrs. A disclosed that aside from his regular check-up to his pediatrician, who already suspected that there were symptoms of autism at the age of two, Josh was confirmed to be autistic by three years of age. It was narrated that Mrs. A was referred to a developmental pediatrician who run tests on Josh to confirm the disability.
As noted by Mrs. A, the disability actually did not hamper the child’s normal functioning. There were instances that Josh exhibited anxieties and preponderances to tantrums due to loud noises or when some circumstances prevented him to conduct his behavior according to routine. As disclosed, Josh developed the habit of eating, doing personal hygiene, playing, watching television, and napping at exact periods of time. As such, according to Mrs. A, when the family has to leave the house to engage in outdoor activities or encourage Josh to accompany them to shop, they observed

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