Hi, I need help with essay on Organization development. Paper must be at least 2

Hi, I need help with essay on Organization development. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The diagnosis of M-restaurant is conducted to identify “what is the current situation of the restaurant”. Next, required changes for the restaurant refer to “what is the goals” are clarified. Finally yet importantly, the core question concerning “how to get the goals” will be taken into discussion.
M-restaurant organization development is the application of behavioral science knowledge to make an improvement in the organizations health. It improves internal relationship and speeding up problem-solving skills. Organizational development of M-restaurant is a planned effort in the whole organization and managing it from the top, accelerating M-restaurant organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the process of using behavioral science in the M-restaurant organization. This management must be from top. This top management must be committed to, and knowledge about the goals of the program and it is mandatory and actively take part in the management effort. This focuses on the M-restaurant organization as whole. plant, firm or work group to attain the set focused outcomes.
M-restaurant organization development contains both professional fields of social action and area of scientific inquiry. This involves the generation and continues reinforcement of chance by using four major interventions, techno structural, human process, human resource, and strategic intervention. Part of M-restaurant organization development concentrate more and heavily on a different kind of chance than others. Its main intention is to improve company’s full strength in productivity and profits. There is also the ability to solve its problems also to manage change. This process has been categorized into three main steps. entry, normative change, and structural change.
The stage entry stage has the goal of establishing a felt need for change using three approaches, interviewing, survey information and other modes to give

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