Hi, I need help with essay on Pitching for Business. Paper must be at least 1500

Hi, I need help with essay on Pitching for Business. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The different methods that are applied to the research are applied such that the appropriate data can be collected. Pre-testing is the research market that results to the determination of the effectiveness of the product based on the responses of the consumers.
Campaign pre-testing is done with the media such that the budgeting and planning is done to meet the consumer’s needs. P
ost-testing is done in market research to monitor the performance of the brand that the research is about (McNeill, 1990). The preference, the attitudes of the consumer towards the brand and the approach that can be used to reach the brand to the consumers (Cronin, 2004). The process to improve the product and brands of an advertising industry comes about with the quality of the research and the methods that are used in the research (Carroll, 1993).
Market research methods improves the efficiency to the company that uses the method. The company are able to improve the efficiency of their market to the consumers since the research back up the strategy that the company uses to market the brand (Graham, 1978). Improving the efficiency of the brand marketing makes a company distinguishes between the success and failure of the company. The qualitative research also helps the company benefit from any coin that they spend (Cronin, 2004).
Encouraging innovation is also a reason that makes companies to conduct qualitative research methods. Brand reputation is a major contribution in the development of a company’s brand. This makes a company to establish a brand that becomes the leader of the others in a market (McNeill, 1990). Reputation of a brand is mainly contributed to through authority and innovation in a company. The conducting of the research also enables the company to fulfill the vital needs that the consumers may need in the marker (Fisher 1958). This bring about the innovative appearance of the company the tools

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