Hi, I need help with essay on Problem solving. Paper must be at least 250 words.

Hi, I need help with essay on Problem solving. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The CEO, Dirk Henry, should be advised to resign because of the bad image he lends to the company by calling the activists tree-huggers, as well as failing as a CEO to upgrade their fleet of ships. As a CEO, he should take charge of making decisions like that.
The best punishment for them would be to serve the community that was affected by the oil spill. They should contribute a large sum of money for the clean up. It is a punishment because they would lose a lot of money, but then again they would earn positive public image for it.
External problems of this company involve their image: they are now seen as a passive company without really caring for its staff and employees. They are also seen as non-environmentally friendly company. Extensive PR campaigns, as well as community work should take care of this, and possibly by sacking their CEO.
Internal problems are rooted to the external problems. The employees are now demoralized (it’s their 50th anniversary after all) and they are probably confused. They are also burdened with the weight of the problem that was produced by the ship mishap. Their stocks would definitely fall, and their company would probably have a financial setback. PR campaigns, and proper forums should take care of the employee’s doubts.
The organizational culture surely helped because they knew their roles as members of the company (except for the CEO). They knew that their actions would reflect to the corporation and they did well. They knew how to act as a unit.
The moral reasoning reflected in the discussions, I believe, is the “caring ethics”. The posts revolved about caring for the company, caring for the environment and caring for the employees of the company.
The plan of action revolved around the community and the environment. The reasoning behind it is this: when the company shows that it cares for the community and the environment, people would believe that they are not negligent about their

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