Hi, I need help with essay on Self-Classification & Emerging Adulthood. Paper mu

Hi, I need help with essay on Self-Classification & Emerging Adulthood. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
However, the young adults are often optimistic about the life they would prefer to live which includes unsafe transitional practices like unprotected intercourse irrespective of the myriad consequences that would result from such actions and decisions (Schwartz, 2010, p. 75). As the young adults pretend to be in full control of their lives, at times they indulge in activities which are influenced through peer groups for instance the habitual actions like drug and drug abuse, drinking and extravagance since most of them do not focus on what would assist them in the near future (Konstam, 2007, p. 49).
According to Taylor (2007, p. 34), the article creates a better understanding of the distinct groups especially among the emerging adults who are divided in various groups depending on their perception of the level in which they would be categorized. However, the article creates distinct ways of determining the differences between emerging adulthood for instance. the dire need to identify themselves with other adults, depression and risk- taking behavior).
The article is designed to enlighten the emerging adulthood that they should encourage tolerance so that the arising issues would be solved prior to the emergency period. The article would be of high importance should an emerging youth be able to obtain it prior to the same situation discussed in the article supplement since most of the decisions and risks encountered by the emerging adulthood are due to identity confusion (Konstam, 2007, p. 58).
When determining the strengths of the article, it is adept to consider the positive information that would not only benefit the emerging young adulthood but also the parents and siblings so that the victims would be well understood (Schwartz, 2010, p. 44). However, through enlightening of the global community on the positive decisions experienced by other people who went through the same situations and

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