Hi, I need help with essay on The history of tea report. Paper must be at least

Hi, I need help with essay on The history of tea report. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
It was here that a few dried leaves of a nearby bush fell into the water and the liquid turned to become a brown liquid. The Emperor was very interested in this and tried drinking the water, and found this to be very refreshing. This was how tea was founded (Tea Auction). The drink has grown to become a major drink across the world.
Today schools are also taught about the Boston Tea Party. The century also brought about the introduction of two types of tea, i.e. Iced tea and tea bags. It is also essential to note that tea can be sub divided into three main types, these include, black, green and Oolong.
Shen Nong was known for his skilled leadership, and also the creativity. He had a strong foresight and he focused on health even as early as five thousand years ago in order to ensure hygiene. When he was faced with the tea leaves in the boiling water and the brown liquid which was a result of the leaves boiling in the water, the Emperor drank some of the drink and found it to be very refreshing. This was the introduction of tea.
As time passed, tea started becoming famous across different locations across the world. China was one of the first few which adopted the drink and was also one of the first countries to have published a book on tea. The author of the book, Lu Yu, late went on to seclusion where he met the Zen Buddhist, to whom he introduced the drink. This was the start of spreading the word of tea. The Buddhist went on t introduce Japan to this drink. As time passed tea became an essential drink and was a ceremony was also built on this drink. Tea grew to become the best gift and also went on to be the beverage had by the warlords before a war (Essortment). The table below provides a clear timeline for the growth of tea. The table provides a brief overview of a few of the events that relate to finding of tea and these help in gaining a better overview of how tea has grown to become the current position that it is at present.
This period brought

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