Hi, I need help with essay on Web-base enterprise applications security guidelin

Hi, I need help with essay on Web-base enterprise applications security guidelines. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Furthermore, the project also provides certain approaches and guidelines that should be maintained in order to ensure security of web based enterprise applications.
In the contemporary business environment almost every enterprise have online existence not only for providing information, but also for interacting with key stakeholders such as customers, clients and dealers among others through different web based applications. From online communicating application to electronic investment, enterprises are constantly spawning web based applications that provide increased access to vital information. Currently web based applications are regarded as lifeblood of today’s modern enterprises as they permit employees to perform crucial business activities. When these applications are allowed to access enterprise networks, they can easily share information. Earlier, when the web based applications were developed, the information security strategies were fairly simple to impose, nevertheless, modern enterprises are grappling with numerous security threats. Consumer driven tools have released a new trend of web based applications which can easily be breached and can simply evade the traditional enterprise network security barriers (Fortinet, “Controlling Web 2.0 Applications in the Enterprise”).
As businesses are growing, enterprises are becoming more dependent on web based applications, the complex units are becoming more challenging to secure. Several enterprises secure their network through installing firewalls and ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL) among others, but most of the web-based attacks are focussed on the application level, rather than network level and these security tactics are unable to prevent those attacks.
Accordingly, the key motivation for undertaking this study is to devise certain guidelines in order to protect and secure the enterprise network. Additionally, the paper also intends to discuss approaches in order to enhance the

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