Hi, I need help with essay on What is the social function of humor What is the p

Hi, I need help with essay on What is the social function of humor What is the purpose of laughing at racial/ethnic issues. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
d “the laughing beings.” Evolutionary theory would assert that man’s ability to laugh has various functions and supports his existence and reproduction, (Norrick 45). Various sociological studies reveal that social groups and societies develop traditional systems of humor that serve multiple crucial social purposes. For instance, some scholars suggest that social groups employ humor to promote social ties, offer self-relief from stress or depressing conditions, express aggressive emotions, celebrate and appreciate life, illuminate and suppress stereotypes, provide catharsis, offer therapy and shied people from external attacks.
Sociological experts argue and define humor as a social strategy or tool and essential communication means via which members in a social setting frequently communicate crucial information. They agree that four crucial variables occur in the framework from which laugher or satire is analyzed. Firsts, there is a party that initiates laughter or humor, second, there is an audience to which the humor is directed and third there is a humor subject. Fourth, there is an evaluative aspect of the laugher or humor.
Various theorists and psychologists assert that laugher and sarcasm are natural coping strategies that aid social groups address the life struggles and disappointments. For instance, they believe that initiating humor and laugher in a depressing or potentially intimidating circumstances, one can substitute negative impacts with positive impacts thus giving one an extensive power to address the negative situations. Humor centered on inconsistencies or events that may be inappropriate in their contexts is mainly well fitted to reevaluating adverse conditions from a varied, less frightening viewpoint, (LaFave 48).
Sociologists argue that humor and comedy are critical in enforcing norms in the society, and they unintentionally impose control over people’s behavior. Use of satire, comic and teasing to butt some attributes,

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