Hi, I need help with essay on Why do you think you should be considered for this

Hi, I need help with essay on Why do you think you should be considered for this acholarship. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
nd of country I hail from which is now-developing geographically, economically and emotionally, expressing how important this scholarship is to me would be an essential beginning.
I am from Haiti, and finished all my schooling here. As the world knows, it is a place where “just in 35 seconds,” it had to give up many friends, f
amilies, schools, churches and hospitals to the devastating earthquake in 2010, a couple of years after it had seen the massive flooding too. Its ever sensitive geographical location is currently in the tight recovering mood which needs assistance from its own people from all corners of the planet, it mainly needs motivation from the within. Being a very part of it, I feel not only responsible to give it back the necessary assistance, I also believe that it is a gift to work where I am needed.
Considering my past educational qualifications, my outreach abilities and my experience so far, I am confident I can make a significant difference in many lives as a registered nurse. Although, Haiti is right now in a hopeful shape, where school enrollment increased, vaccination rates and pre-natal coverage increased, and malnutrition among children and mortality rates declined. it still has 0.25 % of physicians and 0.8 % hospital beds for every 1000 people, about 620,000 cholera cases, and several hundred thousands of displaced people still in the camps. More than anything else, through an education program aided by this scholarship, my kind of passionate to-be registered nurses can tremendously contribute to the vulnerable, Haiti.
Taking this as the right occasion, I must thank the board of this scholarship to have brought in such an opportunity for students like me to pursue their dream career. I am certain that this scholarship will not only be a key contributor for my financial struggle, it will eventually make me the person who can make a difference in people’s lives. My qualifications, my experiences, my background and not the least, my

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