Hi, I need help with essay on Written about educational psychology (Human Develo

Hi, I need help with essay on Written about educational psychology (Human Development). Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
My interest in human psychology and educational background make me a suitable candidate to get admission in the University of Colorado’s master degree program. I believe that a master degree in this field will definitely help me achieve my personal and professional goals.
One main reason for applying in this program is related to my professional life. I want to establish my career in the field of educational psychology, and that is only possible if I get an opportunity to get a master degree from a prestigious university. University of Colorado is known for its highly qualified faculty not only in field of educational psychology (human development) but also in all other courses being offered by the university. It is due to the well-experienced faculty of the University of Colorado, that I have taken my decision to do masters from this great university. I want to complete my education under the guidance of well-experienced faculty of the University of Colorado, as it will help me become a professional in the field of educational psychology.
After completing my education, I want to use my knowledge and skills to ensure proper child development, to bring productive changes in the lives of children, and to make children come out of educational stress. I want to be skilled in using educational and psychological assessment techniques to help children who face difficulties in learning and social adjustment. I believe that a country can progress only if its citizens get high quality education from the top universities of the world. I have collected facts about the universities, which offer Master in Education Psychology (Human Development) program and after analyzing all facts and issues, I have made up my mind to pursue the master degree from the University of Colorado because it provides highest quality education in all fields of study. I believe that the

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