Hi, I need help with essay on You Decide Week 3. Paper must be at least 750 word

Hi, I need help with essay on You Decide Week 3. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
According to the integrated patrol strategy, the patrol officers are provided the opportunity of identifying the solutions to the problems. For instance, it has been mentioned in the case that case-to-fruition mentality is developed in which the lieutenants and sergeants continuously reviewed the crime data and then worked with the patrol officers to work out the problems. All those cases that required follow-up were returned to the patrol officers who responded to the cases before they were sent to the investigators. each officer was given the responsibility of doing the necessary investigation and ensuring that the crimes within the specific patrol area were resolved.
Since every organization has to make some changes in its operations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its employees, it is important for it to ensure that resistance to change is kept to a minimal level. In this case, the high resistance is expected from the patrol officers as they will have to increase their efforts to implement the new strategy in their working behavior. The biggest challenge will be to train the officers to develop an understanding about the process of using data in resolving a crime. Since they have been trained in solving cases on the basis of their expertise and own judgments. the new system will mandate them to seek help from the sergeants and lieutenants for solving a case.
Besides that there is already an excessive burden on the patrol offices, giving them an additional responsibility that can develop a de-motivating feeling in them. In order to handle the resistance when implementing the new strategy, the Chief will have to first arrange a meeting with the entire team of patrol officers so that he can brief them about the need of implementation of this new strategy and he should also ask them to give their recommendation on dividing the work so that everyone can work smoothly and flexibly. When patrol

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