Hi, I need help with essay on Your DNA, Decoded and Truth and Consequences at Pr

Hi, I need help with essay on Your DNA, Decoded and Truth and Consequences at Pregnancy High. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
This research will begin with the statement that Mark Anderson, in his article “Your DNA, Decoded”, writes about current developments in the mapping of human genome, and its effect on our approach toward health care. He has mentioned the efforts of Henry Louis Gates Jr. about the mapping of the human genome. He has defined gene and genome while focusing on how the mapping of the genome has become a cheaper practice with the passage of time. Gates’ experiments made him learn about the crucial information held in the human genome. Anderson also mentions Human Genome Project and Synthetic Genome, Cloning, and Genetics in Pop Culture. Genetics in Criminology has been discussed, including DNA testing. This paper illustrates that the tone in the article is very professional, making the content difficult to comprehend for a layman. The second article, “Truth and Consequences at Pregnancy High”, by Alex Morris, discusses the case study of 17-year-old Grace Padilla, who became pregnant in teenage and is looking after her two years old daughter living in a community which falls below the poverty line. Morris has tried to come up with the issue of teenage pregnancy. Grace attends parenting classes held under a LYFE program. She discusses her parenting practice with social workers and other mothers. The present research has identified that Morris’s tone is like telling a story, and the reader is left wondering whether Morris is trying to defend teenage pregnancy or is against it.

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