Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Critically evaluate Direct pa

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Critically evaluate Direct payments in relation to Personalisation.
When one has the power of choosing and the power of control, it will hence lead to the life of a person to be in the best state (Barron 2010, p.57). Moreover, due to pay down assists in the privatisation policy, many other critical factors are brought into the light. Factors such as trying to ensure a proper and global proximity to both the societal and services that are termed as free by the government are considered (Bornat 2008,
p.67). Others such as the intervening and also the early processes of intervening, the growth and also the continuous producing of services in social societies, and also the sector that does involve social care, trying to improve the levels of access to vital information, and also the guidance of all persons, who do utilise this primary social care amenities. This is irrespective of how they are planned to get their funding, and achieving recognition and other supportive aspects of this field (Hazel 2011, p.34).
Direct payments which in short form are termed as DPs, are payments in cash form, that are paid to a person, for which they are now able to manage and also make designs of customized help so as to be able to obtain their various needs that are pertain able to social care (Glasby 2009, p.23). Therefore, the channel that submits funds for direct payments, originates from the authorities locally. Even though direct payments have always been present since the year 1996, they are currently one of the many choices that persons who are hence availed for a personal budget (Rogowski 2010, p.87). It is hence evident and without argument that, the number of persons who utilise direct payments as a want, has with time grown constantly from 50 to 3373, from the years 2002 to the year 2008. It is also observable that, the numbers of persons who utilise direct payments, from the year 2007 to 2008, have increased in terms of per cent, roughly rising by 61%. This is indeed one of the largest

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