Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Ethics and College Student Li

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Ethics and College Student Life : a Case Study Approach.
For him, now they all seem like having a small-minded and shabby personality. He feels that they have a habit of stereotyping which he despises. Moreover, he also feels that he doesn’t fit in at school too. He doesn’t have any close friend in the school. For him, everything is different in the school i.e. he feels that at school he has to follow a certain way to dress, talk, eat, and relate to women and to authorities, and hang out at school, and completely different ways to do these things in the neighborhood. It seems that he has to be two different people, and hes less and less sure which (if either) is really him. He worries that he will never be accepted in his new world and he misses the closeness and sense of being able to count on friends.&nbsp.
The main problem, the Bob is facing, is who is he? And where does he belong? He is unable to fit neither in the new surrounding nor in the old one. From the perspective of his new surroundings, all the activities carried out by people that he previously knew seem ridiculous and vice versa. He is also faced with the problem of increasing distance between him and his family. Though they remain very dear to him, however he is unable to fit in them anymore. He feels a bit superior to all of them and in his attempt to adopt the new educated world, he has started feeling embarrassment in regard to his family and his old friends. Unconsciously, he gets impressed by the environment outside and feels proud to be like other students of university. Now, he is more self-conscious about himself and about his looks. He is desperate to be accepted in his new surroundings and be treated with the same honor and respect. This is the ethical issue which mostly arises when a college student is raised in a neighborhood where study is not fashionable. In such a situation, one must pull oneself up by his own bootstraps.
This problem is related with more than one area i.e. it is

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