Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Pen Pal Letter. This class ma

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Pen Pal Letter.
This class makes a consideration of the trends in dance all over the world. Its focus on classics has left me interested more than ever. Before this, I have previously been exposed to dances since I was a small child. Growing up in the midst of people who loved music and dance inspired me. They always praised dancers from as far as the 19th century, highlighting just how much classical dances inform the emergence of new and improved kinds and styles of dance.
On a more specific ground, I would like to describe some course material and offer my insight and/or reaction to the material. My class covers a number of types of ballet. Before I address three of those types of ballet, I would to share how the teaching process is done in this class. A number of teaching and learning methods are employed, namely: theory, practical, and visual. Teacher-learner and learner-learner interactions inform the theory and practical part of teaching and learning. On the other hand, the visual aspect encompasses watching dance videos and sharing our experiences relative to the videos.
The three types of ballet I would like to talk about are: Vaganova, Cecchetti, and Balanchine. Vaganova ballet is commonly referred to as the Russian ballet. This ballet encompasses a movement that is continual in nature. Body parts are essentially not isolated, thus the observation of a movement flow that is continual. Cecchetti is the simplest form of ballet. The technique employed is precise and basic. Finally, modernization has significantly influenced ballets. In this respect, Balanchine reflects the modernity of ballet technique. Notably, the study of Balanchine is mostly done in America.
The three ballet types presented above are just a tip of the iceberg as far as dance is concerned. The dance world is intensive and extensive, but the common denominator is that this world is one of the most interesting aspects globally. Dance entertains, communicates, informs, warns, unites, and

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