Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Environmental Education. Is i

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Environmental Education.
Is it of any good to our children and adults or rather how is it affecting them both positively and negatively? Why is environmental education lacking? What type of curriculum is needed and why? What are the precautions and strategies that need to be implemented or put in place to ensure that our environment is taken care of? Of what good will it bring to our generation to come? What is the philosophy behind this educational approach? And finally, do ethics play a role in education? These and many more will be featured in our research project.
The first question that rings in our mind is the meaning of the word environment. Environment is a very broad terminology that is taken to mean generally the flora and fauna (Trees and animals). Environment entails trees, animals, air, waters, the soil (earth) and even people. It is in the broader sense of the word everything that there is in the Universe that supports life is what we call our environment. Forests for instance contribute to a greater amount of our environment without forgetting the animals. In short therefore, environment is our surroundings.
Environmental Education is generally making people aware of the environment. It is the integration of what is learned in class in relation to our environment. Or rather put it this way that environmental education is the incorporation of both the materials acquired in classroom and then apply them to the environment. It is about informing the Citizens about the beauty, the love, the goodness, the friendship, and the values of always ensuring the safety of where we live. It is all about keeping the good relationship between ourselves and the place in which we live. and these can be achieved through ensuring that our environment is always clean. In short, this is a call for the virtue of responsibility.
However, let us first look at the current environmental educational system in the USA. The culture here considers every aspect of our

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