Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Israeli and Palestinian. The

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Israeli and Palestinian.
The government of Israel has become so strict about the publication of news regarding this conflict because it is spelt out in the constitution. In fact, according to the Israeli government, journalists are free to handle any topic rather than those that touch on national security and can be able to compromise it by insisting the people and promoting violence.
On the other hand, the media freedom in Palestine is better than that in Israel. The Palestinians are free to cover much information about this conflict and avail to their audience. Although it is a matter of national interest, the government has appreciated that there is a craving demand for news about this war (Vipond, 2000). Hence, unlike in Israel, the Palestinian journalists are not put under strict censorship and restrictions (Jonathon & Karolides, 2009). Thus, they can adequately inform the people about the war without many restrictions.
Mass media involve many different media technologies that reach large audience through mass communication. The media technology where communication is effected varies. broadcast media transmit information electronically and they include television, recorded music, film and radio. Print media employs the use of materials to distribute information, and includes books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and comics. Outdoor media transmits information through signs, placards and billboards (Lorimer & Patty, 2004). The digital media entails mass mobile and internet communication. Internet media has many services. for example websites, social networks, internet television and radio. Companies that control these media technologies are also referred to as mass media. for example publishing houses, television stations, social networks and radio stations.
Glocalization involves adaptation of a given service or product uniquely to a given culture,

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