Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Marketing research report abo

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Marketing research report about the case of Joes Wraps and Subs first task is to design a questionnaire for Joes Wraps and Subs survey that meets the research objectives mentioned above.scales you choose should address both the reliabilityvalidityis.
In the above mentioned project, the marketing research problem is to ascertain the consumers’ perceptions about the organization and determine its weak areas vis-à-vis other competitors. Specifically, this research seeks to provide answers to the following questions:
For the purpose of this project,
quantitative research methodology would be used. The data would be collected through telephonic interview. Telephonic interview is chosen above other survey methods because it leads to higher sample control and is personal in character. The tone and sincerity of the respondent is usually assessable in such form of interviews. It helps to gauge the involvement of the respondent in the feedback process, hence, would deliver more accurate results. On the other hand, questionnaires administered through mail actually dont tell the level of involvement the customer has with the product/service being researched.
After the discussion with Joe’s management, Descriptive Research design is adopted for this project. Research aims to understand consumer’s perceptions about Joe’s on various parameters such as price, convenience of location, variety in menu, taste, freshness of fillings, and uniqueness of products. The questionnaire would be administered through telephonic interviews. In the questionnaire both comparative and non-comparative scaling techniques are used. Comparative Scaling technique is used to understand how consumers perceive the price and uniqueness of Joe’s sandwiches vis-à-vis its competitors. Non-comparative scaling is used to rate various dimensions of Joe’s products/services per se. In the scale, there are odd number of categories in which middle scale position is designated as neutral, ‘the presence of which [neutral category] might have significant effect on response’ (Patten, 2001). The questionnaire is designed keeping in mind the telephonic interview mode of data collection. At medium pace, the questionnaire would take five minutes of

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