Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic (poverty)socio-political fact

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic (poverty)socio-political factors influencing the mental health of an individual.
Poverty has a significant influence on physical and mental health. This paper presents a critique of the impact of poverty on the mental health of an individual.
Poverty is strongly associated with social inequalities in the society. According to Nettleton (2006), unequal distribution of income leads to the emergence of a gap between different income groups yet such groups require the same basic needs. The underprivileged group suffers psychosocial anxiety that contributes to weakening health and death in case of prolonged stress. Poor social and physical infrastructures result in poor community health and mortality especially among the lowest social economic groups in such communities. In spite of stress, poor communities suffer frustration and unstable families and often exhibit tendencies towards domestic violence, criminal activities such as theft, murder and rape. These antisocial behaviors are also experienced in higher income groups but at a lower rate (Dalton et al. 2007). In one of my clinical placements I met a client named John who’s came from a poor neighborhood. He was worried about insecurity and was stressed after his daughter was sexually assaulted by three young men.
Hearden (2008) argues that the poor are exposed to hazardous environments and even when in employment are engaged in stressful, unfulfilling and depersonalizing activities. For example, John worked as a casual laborer in a skin tanning firm which was the only alternative available after his shop run out of stock as a result of rising cost of living that made him use part of the goods to feed his family of six. Such people often have no access to the essentials and services of life and are also subjugated by the main stream social class that is better informed regarding mental health. The poor are among the minority groups whose mental health is at risk due to the tendency to

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