Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic The New Republics by Chris Hu

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic The New Republics by Chris Hughes.
It might have portrayed a callow and incompetent image of him in public. (Lizza, “Inside the Collapse of The New Republic”).
The eruptive exit of most of the senior editorial staff and critics in a masthead, following the sudden resignation of Frank Foer and Leon Wieseltier, made the atmosphere of TNR turbulent. Many interpreted this as the revamp of magazine-style long reporting structure to follow a Silicon style way of going digital, with the advent of Vidra at TNR (Lizza, “Inside the Collapse of The New Republic”. Calderone, “Owner Chris Hughes and CEO Guy Vidra Say the New RepublicIsn’t Dead Yet”).
In order to break shackles from the impending management pressures at TNR, Foer and Hughes started looking for a new CEO. Though there was an initial round of disagreement on getting someone hired from the magazine industry, Hughes welcomed Guy Vidra, a person with a strong corporate background for the position. With Vidra, the working climate in NR started changing. The traditional institutional model was fast changing and a separate investment vehicle was launched in the name of New Republic Fund. TNR started proclaiming itself as a vertically-integrated digital-media company of its kind (Calderone,” Owner Chris Hughes and CEO Guy Vidra Say The New Republic Isn’t Dead Yet”. Horowitz,” David Brooks Calls New Republic Owner Chris Hughes Callow And Incompetent”).
Hughes, joining hands with Vidra, was contemplating means of making more money and preventing wastage overcomplicated things. Hughes is conscious of the financial bloopers and has been always aware of the mistakes (Snyder, “The new Republic- A Letter from the Editor”). While, on the one hand, going digital might be the fashion trend, but on the other hand, a high level of competition causing immense impact in the journalism industry is unavoidable.

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