Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Introducing myself: Zaiyu Ren.

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Introducing myself: Zaiyu Ren.
My personal approach to writing involves thinking about the main ideas in my mind and replenishing each main idea with additional details. Then, I may search for some information online and add these examples to my papers in my own words. Because I am lazy, I usually find myself completing papers in a rush before the due date. To be honest, sometimes I do not like writing because it takes such a long time. This is something I need to change. I need to think about the organization of my ideas and the requirement of the paper.&nbsp. I hope to learn more skills in Barton community college. I think that this will mean that writing will become easier for me.The most important thing for me in my writing is that I have to revise it. In other words, I can say a good paper is a process of rewriting again and again. As a result, I agree with Vladimir Nabokov’s, Robert Cormier’s and John Updike’s quotes. They all emphasize the importance of rewriting. I disagree with James Baldwin’s quote because I do not believe that all papers are political. Some of them have political topics, but many papers can be descriptive or narrative and they do not involve any political issues.I write to find out who I am. I write to understand things.” I think my weakness is that I lack creativity. I say this because I can never think of what to write when I receive a new topic. However, my strength in writing is that I always work very hard on it. I always take it seriously and finish the paper. This means that the organization of my papers is very clear.

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