Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Transparency in the cost of j

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Transparency in the cost of justice.
One of the major impediments with EU legal system is the hefty fee for lawyers and the reason for this is four-fold. Secondly, significant differences in sources and levels of costs from one member state to the other also constitute a barrier. Thirdly, the high costs in relation to the quantity of litigations frequently act as an obstacle. Fourthly, significant differences among the member states legal systems entail enhanced costs to initiate cases as the litigant has to pay for translators and lawyers apart from bearing the expenditure on travel and notifications. This study contains an analysis of data on four types of costs for four case studies based on the data acquired from 28 European countries. Cost data has been taken under four heads, such as court costs, lawyer costs, bailiff costs and appeal costs. Court cases of four types have been considered and the costs are calculated for all cases. The categories of cases include CA1A: National situation, in which a couple gets married and subsequently they separate and agree for a divorce, CA1B: Transnational situation. That is two nationals from a similar member state get married and afterward file for a divorce, CA4A: National situation, which includes commercial and contract law and CA4B: Comprising transnational situation in Commercial Law and Contract.
The above graph represents CA1A: National situation where a couple gets married. Later they separate and agree to a divorce in different European countries. It can be seen that the lawyer cost in the instant case is common in all countries. Italy has a high lawyer cost in CA1A. Ireland, Poland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Austria, UK are comparatively cheaper in lawyer fee. Lawyers, as legal experts deal with legal costs that have a bearing on the restoration of the privileges of litigants to carry out the litigation costs. The costs are better in UK probably because of transparent court procedures. Lawyers’ fees form the most significant part of the

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