Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Negative impacts of an organi

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Negative impacts of an organisation without a Human Resource Department.
According to Kirby (2007), issues such as recruiting the right people, rewarding them and having a succession plan in place is as critical for a small firm as for larger firms. This prompts the study of KSS Ltd that has been trying to manage things on its own. While the line managers are stressed in trying to fulfill the dual role imposed on them,
the staff morale is low. Some have even threatened legal action. There is lack of coordination and communication between the staff and the management. In small firms, Kirby argues, the owner/managers hardly get to know the truth of what takes place at the workplace. They are told most often only what they want to hear.
Besides, Whittaker and Marchington (2003) find that line managers can work in conjunction with HR practitioners and not by themselves. The argument is that if they shoulder dual responsibility, they may do so at the cost of the corporate goals and objectives. In addition, they may not possess the necessary skills and capabilities to handle the HR issues. This, possibly, is the reason which leaves the top management stressed thereby having a negative impact on the organization.
This study would hence, benefit KSS Ltd in assessing the exact situation at the workplace. The outcome of the study would benefit several organizations that have raised doubts about the contribution of the HR department. The HR departments have come under pressure to show what value they add to the company and how they can develop more effective ways of working (Truss & Gill, 2009). A study into a hospital’s functioning by the authors revealed that line managers’ objectives need to redefined and they must be aware of the communication mechanisms that are available within the organization.
Thus, the outcome of this study would help KSS understand the benefits of formal HR department. As of now, the line managers try to handle the HR issues but they would need to engage HR

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