Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Drug trafficking a global iss

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Drug trafficking a global issue.
It is understandable that this illegal business keeps growing at such a fast pace despite myriad efforts made at an international level and the mighty risk involved because the huge amounts of cash bagged by those involved directly or indirectly in the trade keeps them from abandoning the business.
The above figure clearly demonstrates how much the illicit drugs trade differs from other kinds of illegal trades like trafficking of diamonds,
firearms, and humans in the context of estimated global value. Though profits in this trade are made through a variety of different factors, yet one most profitable sector in many instances is based on the complex and highly secretive process of carrying the drugs internationally which is performed in so many different and ingenious ways that catching the people involved in this process becomes impossibly difficult many times. “The funds raised by trafficking groups can be used to underwrite other criminal activity and even political insurgency” (UN World Drug Report 2007, cited in Shah, 2008) which shows that drug trafficking even has political implications as will be discussed in this research paper. This paper basically aims to analyze the key elements of drug trafficking and its global implications. Literature about how the public administration relates to drug trafficking will also be reviewed along with demonstrating the relationship of internal and external influences in context of drug trafficking.
Many efforts over the past many years have been made consistently to tackle this global problem which has diverse domestic implications as people are still dying in staggering numbers in many incidents related to trafficking. An important factor accounting for this thriving illegal business is that unlike diamonds or human trafficking, the drug supply is regularly consumed each year and remains in constant need of immediate and rapid renewal. When the supply always needs to be renewed on a yearly

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