Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Assignment 3.3: Project Compon

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Assignment 3.3: Project Component 2 An Ideal Leader and Personal Leadership Philosophy.
In building leadership, Curtin (2002) pointed out that there can be two modes, teaching as opposed to facilitating, but building leadership through facilitating is the more common. Cartwright emphasized, “Everyone has his or her own definition of leadership, most often at the tacit level” (2002, p. 70).
My ideal leader is one that knows how to follow in order to lead better and serve excellently. Of course, this should not be taken to mean that my ideal leader does not innovate. On the contrary, a leader must be one who is able to see farther than the rest. He or she is a person who lives in the present but is also able to chart the future. This essentially means that he or she effectively leads and is one who does not simply follow the tide. However, no person has a monopoly over good ideas. Many heads can be a lot better than the brightest and most clever head. A leader must recognize this fact and must use participatory methods to unlock the potentials of his or her collective. In other words, a leader must lead to make participatory processes work and exploit the diversity of ideas and use dialogue and discussions to bring out the best ideas.
Educators live in society and are accountable to society. The business of education is society’s business and not simply of the educator. There are authorities above an educator. Even the President of the United States has an authority to follow—the people of the United States—even as every person of the United States is expected to follow the laws created by Congress and implemented through the Chief Executive or the US President. As educators, we owe it to the American people or to society that we live in that education be conducted according to the vision that authorities before us have charted for our society and for the educational system. Educators live in a structure where there are educational authorities to follow. However, society also allows

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